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By Kpjo

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Please Help !! I rescued a Honeysuckle plant about 2 weeks ago it was oushed to the back and a little un-loved so I bought it thinking I could save it ... However its not it looks worse if anything ! Any Advice more than welcome????



It's easier to kill a plant with too much care, than by neglecting it. Maybe you've overwatered it, or overfed it, or maybe it is just the on-going effect of its previous neglect.
Have you left it in its pot? If so, I would carefully plant it out into the soil in a well prepared planting hole, water it well in, and just leave it for a while. We are still in summer and most ordinary hardy plants much prefer the 'natural' conditions of having their feet in the ground.
If it picks up and starts growing away ok, you can always transplant it to a permanent position next year.

19 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bertie for the response Ive already moved it into the ground - maybe it doesnt like where Ive put it Its in Part - sun / Part - Shade ?? the label was lost when I bought it so (been a novice) wasnt sure what it wanted...Will Maybe move it to a diff spot!

19 Aug, 2010


No, don't disturb it again. If it is making white roots now, you will only damage these moving yet again. Part sun sound fine anyway. Can it grow up into sun from where it is?

Bertie is quite right of course about plants liking their "feet" in the ground. A much more equitable environment as the soil acts like blotting paper pulling moisture up from the water table in a nice even manner, not the alternating drying out and getting wet routine that they and many other plants hate. Just leave alone and it will probably do fine next year. If not many leaves on, don't keep it constantly wet either!

19 Aug, 2010


thanks !

20 Aug, 2010

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