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hello,ive got a rather nice jasmine in the front its yellow,its getting rather big can i cut it back or will i kill it,and next to it is a sambuca tree its now over 20ft and takeing over how do i keep it smaller without loseing all the flowers



I used to live in a house which had jasmine in the garden - I found that if I didn't prune it severely, it would go crazy - self seed and start sprouting up all over the whole garden. So I would say, just based on my experience, yes, it would take a pruning quite happily, But as always I would check against the RHS pruning guide before doing anything drastic.

26 Jun, 2017


Which Jasmine is it? There are three with yellow flowers - there's a twining climber called Clotted Cream, a large, freestanding shrub called Jasmine humile, and the ubiquitous Jasmine nudiflorum, a lax shrub which needs support and flowers in early spring.

In regard to the Sambucus, is it one of the black leaved ones?

26 Jun, 2017


its a humile bamboo and yes my sambuca has black leaves,cannot believe it grew this big

26 Jun, 2017


Jasmine humile wants to be large shrub - when I had it in my garden years ago, I used to prune it back in June, just after the main flush of flowers, to try to keep it under 5 feet wide and tall, so you can do that, but trying to keep it much smaller isn't a great idea.

As for the Sambucus, they should be pruned annually or biennially because they get quite large and rather gawky looking. In theory, you should do it in winter, when you have two choices - cut it almost to the ground, sacrificing any flowers for the following year, or cut out old wood and reduce new wood by around half its length. In practice, if you haven't much room in the garden, I've certainly hacked them back around now or before end of July just to keep them in check. Yes, you will lose some flowers, but leaving some new growth in place means you will get some flowers next year.

26 Jun, 2017


ty both i will def take the advice will def cut the sambuca,will wait til the jasmine stops flowering the bees love it

26 Jun, 2017

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