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Red Lily Beetles


By Janeth

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have red lily beetles on my lilies, can I use the lily bulbs next year or will they now be contaminated?



I had the same problem with my lilies but when I dug up the bulbs they looked perfectly healthy (most probably due to the ants nest in the pot with them). I would dig them up and check the bulbs, remove any grubs you find and use again if they are'nt chewed to bits....

14 Aug, 2008


You should be quite safe to reuse the bulbs, but change the soil for they probably pupate through the winter in the surrounding soil. An early growth check to remove the Beetles does help, but I always find a few of those horrible black grubs which are the real villains, covered as they are with their faeces.I kept mine in a poly tunnel this year but a few strill got to them. .

14 Aug, 2008


They will be fine. Just go beetle hunting every morning when the lillies come through and squash the blighters!!!

15 Aug, 2008

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