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Chusan Palm Query - Hi, I've been in my house for 5 years now and inherited a Chusan Palm when moving in. This year for the first time these yellow 'appendages' have appeared on the plant. Does anyone know what they are and what to do with them? Thanks

Chusan_palm_3919 Chusan_palm_3922 Chusan_palm_3924




It look great lucky you , flowers is the answer male or female to work out next ?

I think yours is a male if the flowers stay yellow, if they stay green its a female

17 May, 2017


Hi, yes these are flower buds, they're big aren't they, you will probably get them every year now, not very impressive flowers, but if the plant is female, you should get spherical, blue - black fruits, which contain the seeds, if you let them drop on their own, you may get some that germinate if there's a male plant nearby, I have a male plant, so I just cut the flower stalk off as it begins to die back, Derek.

17 May, 2017


Thanks Gnarly, I couldn't for the life of me, remember which way round it was for the flowers, Derek.

17 May, 2017


Hi Derek

It one of those nerdy questions I ask lol

dioecious must not forget to mention this as well !


17 May, 2017


What was that GG? Delicious? ;) Hi Ad4 and welcome to lucky are you that your palm is so happy its flowering!

Dioecious ..(of a plant or invertebrate animal) having the male and female reproductive organs in separate individuals.

Just looked it up :)

17 May, 2017


Brilliant. Thanks to you both for all the information and advice!

17 May, 2017

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