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By Cox

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

on a recent holiday to Greece we picked up some seeds and they have germinated,any idea what they are

Greek_holiday_002 Greek_holiday_003 Greek_holiday_001



What sort of size are the seeds and did you see the plant they came off? Right now it would all be very much guesswork.

1 May, 2017


Well, whatever they are, the seedlings are unusual - there's only one cotyledon and usually, single cotyledons are not rounded, but long and narrow - rounded cotyledons usually come in pairs or more. Post again when true leaves appear

1 May, 2017


They look like the volunteer Cyclamen that I had sprout on the north side of my house one year, but fuzzier--not a cotyledon, but actually the first true leaf, like peas. They stayed with one leaf for several months, but had a chickpea-sized tuber when they went dormant in April. Blooming started the following January. The parents of mine were miniature forms of Cyclamen persicum.

1 May, 2017


Tugb. that was my thought too! That is why I was trying to find out the size of the seed and what the plant looked like...

1 May, 2017


Sorry, MG. Here's hoping that they remember--unlike a few times for me!

3 May, 2017

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