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By Csarina

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

This afternoon my idiot husband managed to cut the electric cable to the mower, thanks to the circuit breaker no harm was done. Can the cable be mended using a rubber convector that is fully enclose, it is it going to have to have a complete new cable?

I am going to have to mow the grass myself, I just cannot trust him not to do it again.

On plant The cable comes out of motor up to the handle and a separate cable then comes out the the power. See pictures. I always use a circuit breaker and check it before switching the machine on, I make sure OH checks it as well.

Lawn_mower_002 Lawn_mower_001



Complete new cable. Patching an electrical cable is like putting a fully loaded gun to ones head and pulling the trigger. Most circuit breakers have a test button (a safety feature most people never use ) the reason for this is that they might not function and if they don't ....bye bye

8 Apr, 2017


I don't mess around with electricity. The stakes are too high.

9 Apr, 2017


Agree, a whole new cable is far preferable, especially if there is a chance of moisture on the grass. I speak as an idiot who has often caused my mower to cut its own umbilical!

9 Apr, 2017


Hopefully you can get into the machine to replace the cable. I have two pairs of hedge cutters where the cable has been damaged and there is no way of undoing the machine to replace as they use special screws which need specialist screw drivers to remove.

9 Apr, 2017


Every electric garden tool I have seen has a eight inch or so plug coming from it to which you plug your outdoor cable into. So it is just a matter of getting another cable and not another tool. Used to use an electric lawn mower myself but constantly trying to avoid or move the cable became a great pain in the :o so I went back to a gas engine. In my case I found that electric hedge trimmers were great for cutting electrical cables.

9 Apr, 2017


I much prefer the gasoline powered mowers myself. They pack much more torque which is great for cutting through woody growth and mulching & who wants to be tethered to the wall? Just my preference.

9 Apr, 2017


Not necessarily an idiot Csarina - it can happen to anyone. He would be more careful another time...Its infuriating though - glad no one was hurt.

Bathgate I'm intrigued to know what woody growth you have on your lawn??

9 Apr, 2017


various saplings of sorts, oak, maple, black gum, locust, poison oak, Bella Donna Nightshade, white snake root, rampant honeysuckle, ragweed, etc. Creeping phlox gets a good mowing, various other things.

9 Apr, 2017


Maybe I was mistaken, Csarina! I was assuming that it was the extension cord that was cut.

9 Apr, 2017


Despite the warnings from these good folks, worst case scenario if you cannot get into the connector to replace the cable then there are waterproof cable connectors which are specifically designed for outdoor use.
Google waterproof cable connectors and you will get plenty of choices. I have used them, on our hedge trimmers before now.

9 Apr, 2017


Paul, that sounds like a fair sized meadow!

9 Apr, 2017


lol the wilderness keeps wanting to take over. I need machinery.

10 Apr, 2017

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