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When is the best time to start of Sweet Corn

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom

When is the best time to plant start off Sweet Corn seeds, should I start them in the greenhouse first?



Once all danger of frost has passed, you can plant your sweet corn. For me here in New York, that's April 15th. You'll have to check the "last frost date" for your grow zone. You can start the corn indoors a couple weeks before the date to get a jump on the season and possibly squeeze in a 2nd crop.

22 Mar, 2017



Its a bit early at the moment leave till April to sow in pots and plant out in May/June in a block formation as they are wind pollinated and this will help the cobs to set.

If growing in the greenhouse you will need to harden them off before you plant them out.
Out of the greenhouse for the day and back in at night for about a week 10 days ...

ps mice love the seeds ....


22 Mar, 2017


When planting them out, be sure to make blocks of several rows, or plant them in round clusters on mounds, as the Native Americans do, since a long single row rarely pollinates well, and you will have a lot of gaps in the rows of kernels.

23 Mar, 2017


Thank You, I have planted them before & had a bumper crop, I just couldnt remember when to sow them, its an age thing you know LOL x

29 Mar, 2017


Hi Jackie! You got me thinking of planting some corn myself. I got plenty of space for it. I was taught that corn should go immediately from stalk to pot with NO shelf time for best flavor. What's the status on your Winter Clematis? Is it showing signs of recovery?

29 Mar, 2017


Tell you what Bathgate, they were the best Sweetcorn I had ever tasted Slurp!
Good Luck with the growing of yours & hope they are as tasty as mine were. x

4 Apr, 2017

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