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Can anyone help ID this plane

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone help ID this plant, please?
It's used as edging, it pretty tough & the leaves feel rough to the touch.The flowers are pale lemon tubular & have red tips when in bud. The bees love it & it's id has puzzled me for ages.

Dsc_0066 Dsc_0065



Looks remarkably like Symphytum officinale or Comfrey to me.

16 Mar, 2017


Looks like comfrey to me too Owdboggy. Lots in the lane close to me so gave the fertilizer thing a go last year. My goodness!! While it's fermenting it smells like ten dead and one more dying but they say it's good for the plants.

16 Mar, 2017


I think you must be right, Owdboggy & Thorneyside.
I was puzzled because it looks nothing like the comfrey that appeared in my wild flower meadow one year where I used to live. That one was about 4ft tall, broad with quite large leaves & purple flowers.
This one is short, no more than 9ins, smaller leaves as in pic. It doesn't seed itself but will grow from piece of root. Is it supposed to be aromatic as mine doesn't smell at all.

16 Mar, 2017


I think it's Creeping Comfrey, Symphytum grandiflorum, which is usually the first comfrey to flower. It doesn't have a scent.

16 Mar, 2017


Ah, thanks Landgirl, that explains everything! I'm no longer puzzled.

17 Mar, 2017

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