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i want to start a new climber for full cover on a west facing fence,is clematis montana the best cover for this,(its what ive got on my east facing fence)and its fast growing,spreads well.

On plant Clematis montana



How about Passion flower ?

13 Aug, 2010


I think your Clematis montana will do well - head in the sun and provide a bit of shade for the roots. Its easy to grow, fast and up to 40ft though ? Also ‘Anna’ (pink),‘General Sikorski’ (mid-blue) and ‘Niobe’ (ruby red) and if you wanted spring fragrance Clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’.

14 Aug, 2010


thanks drc726,i will look for those then,

14 Aug, 2010


and thanks grandmage,havent been succesful with passion flowers.

14 Aug, 2010

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