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Have you had any odd pm's?

I had one today asking me to reply to the member using their personal email.
I did reply but by the pm reply message. I think it odd as the member implied I had replied to his question and he wanted further info. however on checking his profile he hasn't posted any questions.

any one else had this?



There was a question on this 'acuba japonica root spread' back in june 10 but by a different person.

curiouser and curiouser!

4 Feb, 2017


Not me Sbg but very wise not to reply to his/her personal email as that would have given the person yours

4 Feb, 2017


Nor me,Sbg..but i did receive a couple of 'spam' personal emails,supposedly from GoY members..I got in touch with both,via a GoY PM,and no,they hadn't tried to get in touch..I deleted without opening...another was supposed to be from a family member,but I knew for certain they would never get in touch via we have to be so vigilant these days .don't we?

4 Feb, 2017


Nor me, nothing unusual at all. Could be someone who couldn't remember their password and user name for the site and simply rejoined rather than try to recover their prevous account I suppose.

4 Feb, 2017


But I wonder why such a long time frame in between.
oh well probably never find out.

4 Feb, 2017


Just don't ever send an email from your personal A/C to anyone you don't know!

4 Feb, 2017

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