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Non-flowering Jasmine - My partner has a well established (not sure of age but at least 7 years) jasmine bush which barely flowers. I heard about treating plants like people. ie. a teenage branch will produce more flowers, be more flexible etc. but does that mean i have to cut right back? She now hangs over the veranda - probably 4-5ft. A lovely green and looks a picture but usually jasmine has more flowers - here, uk, australia etc. It bares just a few all through the year as far as i can see - although i do see many buds. I am so ignorant to all the basics. Perhaps it is overwatering......

I have attached a photo of some rare flowers after cutting it back in our February (end of summer).
I will send photos of the 'crown' and 'true leaves' tomorrow as it is nightfall here now.

My great thanks in advance. I love jasmine and its a good start for me.

On plant jasminium polyanthum

Img_0751 Img_0755



I'm sorry, but where's the picture?

11 Aug, 2010


Oops, my mistake as i copied and pasted the comment. Is there a way to add photos to comments on this GOY?

11 Aug, 2010


I had to look that up myself! You can add a photo to the original question. Go to this question. Under the original question, you will have (since it's your question) an option to "update question"--click on that. Under the field for Botanical Name, there is a link to "Add a photo". Once you put that in, you can "Add another photo", if you want. I haven't had a chance to use this yet, myself--my camera has been broken for months!

11 Aug, 2010


All done. You shining star Tugbrethil, i have lots to learn on this site!
Will post more pictures tomorrow.


11 Aug, 2010


Doesn't look like the polyanthum that I know, looks more like a nitidum relative, or maybe a variety of sambac. In my experience, more potash increases bloom in those tropical species. If she's in a pot, she may also need more consistent watering--irregular soil moisture often causes the buds to shrivel before they open. Hope that helps, Gem!

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks Gem. Potash seems to be popping up a lot in the way of advice. Gonna get on the big job this week and cut her back completely to bring in some light. Dead-wooding here i come.

Many thanks again Tracy

16 Aug, 2010

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