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Paint on weed killer


By Dionne

United Kingdom Gb

I use to be able to buy a red paint on weed killer that got rid of bind weed and brambles, even those coming through from another garden. Everywhere I ask says they no longer supply it. Does anyone know where I can get it now? has it really been taken off all shelves everywhere?

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I don't know - but I have just read an article by a reputable gardener which recommends mixing glyphosate with wallpaper paste then brushing it on to such nasties as yours! I can see this working as it would stay put long enough to work! Do let us know if it helps, won't you!

12 Aug, 2008


Cut brambles down to within three inches of ground and from a garden centre buy a bottle of SBK Brushwood Killer ( for nettles, brambles, tough weeds tree stumps.)This is also good for dandelions etc. Paint on with a child's paintbrush.

13 Aug, 2008

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