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bestway to take care of a potted fuchia



Keep it watered as necessary, not letting the compost shrivel and dry out. If its a tender one, you will need to bring it into the house for the winter, if its hardy, wrap the pot in bubble wrap in October for the winter to protect the roots. Prune as growth begins in the Spring, either right down to the base, or back to wherever the growth is coming from, repot and feed every couple of weeks with something like Miracle Gro general purpose.

11 Aug, 2010


Hi, that is a very informative Answer, from Bamboo,i would giver it ten out of ten.
you have took the words from out of my mouth.

11 Aug, 2010


You do not need to bring a tender Fuchsia in to the house in winter. What you do need to do around November time is to let the compost dry out and then remove 2/3 of the branches and remove ALL the foliage. You can the then store your plants under the bench in the garage. No foliage - no need for light until around mid-march. This works well provided your winter temps don't go below -12C... What you also need to do is check for chafer grubs in the winter otherwise you will have no plant wherever you may store it!
If you have one of the Chilean Fuchsias (Magallenica) keep it outside. These are large. Thanks for this... I really need to make time for a web page this weekend on Fuchsia cultivation thanks 'Cat'.

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks, Catweisel!

12 Aug, 2010

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