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Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

A hole has appeared overnight in my lawn - 2" in diameter throughout its length,, 1xmeter in depth and perfectly perpendicular. The grass around the edge of the hole appears to have been chewed. Any ideas as to the cause?



A metre deep? Did you have a meteorite shower up there last night?

11 Aug, 2010


How deep do moles go? Could it be a mole surfacing from deep, deep down? I get holes like this in the garden but they're horizontal not vertical. My OH suggests a mole with a rocket pack!

11 Aug, 2010


Having the grass chewed suggests a rodent of some kind, not a mole. The pocket gophers around here can go a meter deep, but it's not common!

11 Aug, 2010


This sounds like vole damage.

11 Aug, 2010


Wow! Busy little digger!

11 Aug, 2010


This is how destructive they can be.

11 Aug, 2010

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