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Norfolk Greenhouses - Ultimate Spacesaver Greenhouse


By Ads2k15

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I am thinking of buying a Norfolk Greenhouses - Ultimate Spacesaver Greenhouse (2x6ft). Does anyone else have one of these and if so are they any good?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest any other small options as I'm open to looking around a little more before purchasing?

I currently have a 4 tier plastic grow house but want something a bit more substantial for starting seeds mostly, though possibly trying some tomatoes in a growbag too.

My back garden is south facing but there is no space against the house wall and the back of the garden has a tree and higher garden behind that creates shade. This will have to go in the middle against either the east or west facing fence I think. Online there seems to be conflicting information about which direction is best so I don't know if anyone here could suggest which would be preferable?

Many thanks!



Looking at the greenhouse on line it should be fine for starting seeds but I doubt you would be able to grow tomatoes in it. I'd face it east so that you get the light.

13 Nov, 2016


I have a similar one but with a wood frame and a sloping top with two hinged rooflights, and not as tall. I successfully grew two tomato plants in it this summer if that's any help..But it is against a south wall. But on the other hand tomato growers usually put shading up or whitewash the lights in summer and you wouldn't have to worry about that.
That one looks a bit on the flimsy side to me - just wondering whether the fram is made of the same sort of plastic coated metal tubing that mini gtreenhouses are made with - they don't last many years if so.

13 Nov, 2016

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