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I have blight on my greenhouse tomatoes for the third year.Ihave cleaned the greenhousewith jeyes fluid,lit a sulphur candle,sprayed with a fungicide regularly and my toms are dying infront of my eyes.Help!! what should I do?



Are you growing them in the soil in your greenhouse or in containers/grow bags? If in the soil therein lies your problem the blight spores remain active in the soil for several years. Are you making sure there is plenty of air through your greenhouse? You say you clean the greenhouse do you make sure that none of the infected material is left lying around anywhere?

9 Aug, 2010


I lost all my greenhouse toms last year was gutted, this year I was told to grow them in growbags which I have done and fingers crossed all ok and eating plenty each day.

Maybe next year grow in growbags as moon grower says as I was told it stays in the soil for up to 5 years

Good luck

9 Aug, 2010

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