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I have bought a hardy fuchsia in a pot from a garden centre.
Can I plant it now? Or when should I plant it?
If I'm not planting now how should I look after it over winter?
Thanks, any help appreciated.



Best to get it in the ground before winter - now, if you can be sure to keep it well watered up to the end of October during dry spells (its surprising how dry October can be, its the month when people often lose plants to drought). Although its a hardy variety, fuchsias are vulnerable to frost through their roots when in a pot.

19 Sep, 2016


Thanks a lot, I will do that.

20 Sep, 2016


I agree with bamboo, get it planted asap. in hard winters the top growth will die back but new shoots will appear April/May.
welcome to GoY too :o)

20 Sep, 2016


Plant it deeper than the present soil level, anything up to four inches, especially if you live in somewhere with cold winters as this will protect the crown. Leave the branches on over the winter for the same reason and cut them back when new growth starts in spring.
However you don't say what size pot its in. if its still in a small one it would be better to overwinter it somewhere frost free - ask again if you want details.

20 Sep, 2016


Right now is the perfect time as the still-warm soil will help plants to settle in. As it's a container-grown plant, you can technically plant it at any time as long as the ground isn't frozen or waterlogged, but autumn (or spring) is best.

20 Sep, 2016

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