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Waterlogged garden


By Gramps

United Kingdom Gb

Heavy rain waterlogs our garden and can take upto 2 days to drain away.I have a small willow planted and that seems to cope.I would like to surround the willow with a box hedging.Do you think they will survive



Sorry to say but box and most forms of hedging will really dislike their roots standing in water.You rarely find hedgerows bordering streams or rivers for this reason.Area can be drained but this involves a lot of digging drainage pipes soakaways etc.This only option if you really want to plant box.

10 Aug, 2008


My garden gets waterlogged every now and then, so I dug a small ditch and filled it full of gravel. It looks like a dry stream most of the time but when it rains, it pretty much takes all the water. This and my Willow tree and my Willow dome (great if you have the room) soak all the water. To top it off I have some box hedge planted in front of the willow dome. Take a look at my pics and see if it will help youre problem.

10 Aug, 2008


Why not grow Arum Lily's, They Love Water, they remain evergreen in mild climates, and grow to a height of 1mtr, with a bushy foliage, you'll also be rewarded by large white flowers from April - July.- Plant them deep to protect from hard frost. Good Luck!

10 Aug, 2008


The only Arum that is normally reliably hardy in the UK is Arum aethiopica 'Crowborough. This is the one with white flowers that you often see.

11 Aug, 2008

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