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another question,im growing turnips for the first time and they look brill,but someone looked the other day and says i have to cut off all the leaves,do I and why,ty



I'm not into turnips but I have read that if you remove all of the leaves you will stunt the root growth, however you can harvest and eat the leaves when you thin the plants out and they can also suffer from flea beetle.

22 Jul, 2016


We certainly never cut off the leaves, the root needs them for photosynthesis. As Cammomile says you can eat the leaves when you thin them though.

22 Jul, 2016


I think what that person probably meant was, you should cut off the tops WHEN you finally harvest them such as you would do with most root vegetables.

22 Jul, 2016


thankyou glad i didnt do it straight away

22 Jul, 2016

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