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plz can i have an id of these plants,
the white one i thought was a lavetaria appeared one day 2yrs back,the 2nd has come up in two areas and i quite like its yellow flowers as do the bees,and the tall yellow spike appeared in a pot this year of something i bought,ty chris



The last pic is a Verbascum, these do sometimes pop up on their own, the middle one is Lysimachia 'Firecracker' and the top one I'm not sure of - looks more like a Malva moschata 'alba' than lavatera, but if those needle or fernlike leaves belong to the plant, it isn't either Malva or Lavatera.

19 Jul, 2016


The first one looks just like the Malva moschata in my garden ... foliage is quite 'ferny'.

19 Jul, 2016


Oh, okay - my malva moschata has leaves more like a lavatera, but smaller

19 Jul, 2016


sorry the spicky bit is my reedy plant as its growing right across my pond,ty for the id

20 Jul, 2016


Malva moschata has three different leaf shapes as you go up the stem. The basal ones are kidney-shaped, then they are palmate-dissected, then very finely dissected in the upper part of the plant. So everyone is right about the leaf shape!

20 Jul, 2016


Landgirl's right - never looked that closely myself before, and hadn't noticed the ferny ones nearer the top, but yes, they are there... so it is Malva moschata alba.

20 Jul, 2016


...and I learned from DianeBulley that if you plant them with brassicas they keep the cabbage white butterflies away -tried it and it worked.

23 Jul, 2016

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