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If I plant a potato in the ground, will more grow?



It depends. If you tried a potato you got from the supermarket, it probably won't grow because it was treated with a growth retardant. However, sometimes it grows in spite of this. If you planted a potato you got from a farmer's market or one grown completely organically, it will probably grow.

9 Jul, 2016


I tried to grow a sweet potato vine with one from the supermarket - miserable failure but why is it that my potatoes sprout in the cupboard before I have time to use them?

10 Jul, 2016


My onions are blooming in a basket on my counter top. I was planning to make meat sauce.

10 Jul, 2016


Lol BG...I found the last of last years onions shooting new growth so I put them in a pot of earth and they are producing some lovely flowers...

10 Jul, 2016


I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

10 Jul, 2016


Thanks everyone! I do find sometimes my potoatoes seem to sprout ooften in the cupboard. :)

10 Jul, 2016


Once they start sprouting, you can plant them out, they'll grow, but there are times of year to plant different potatoes for cropping, so no idea whether you'll get a useable crop. As for storing them for eating, they need to be removed from their plastic bag and transferred to something like a cardboard box, flapped closed, in a cool, preferably dark place. Or in the bottom of the fridge, again out of their plastic bags.

10 Jul, 2016


Really too late to try it this year. Wait until the next growing season. If you can get your potatoes from a local grower who doesn't treat them they should sprout if left in a cool shady place.

10 Jul, 2016


Thanks :)

10 Jul, 2016

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