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Is it possible to take a cutting from this fern and if so, how?




Not by cuttings but some large ones can be divided. Google Propagating ferns by division - instructions there. Its also fun to grow them from spores though it takes a whole season to get little tiny ones - but you get an awful lot of them!

28 Jun, 2016


Ah, thanks Steragram. These are in the garden at work, I'll ask the boss if I can go 'rooting' (pardon the pun!). Is there s good time of the year to do this?

28 Jun, 2016


better late winter/early spring before the fronds start to unfurl.

28 Jun, 2016


Do have a go at raising from spores . Fern reproduction is very fascinating and what goes on in the pot you just wouldn't believe...)

28 Jun, 2016

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