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got this out of a bin when in france,it looked dead so i gave it a chance,and there only being one leaf i did not think it would grow big,what is it and does it flower and how big will it grow,and is it a house or garden plant.ty



It looks like a house plant. Possibly a Begonia Rex but someone else will be able to identify it for certain.

20 Jun, 2016


One of the rhizomatous Begonias, but which one is beyond my expertise. Most have very similar requirements: bright indirect light or filtered sun, a bit of drought between soakings, an bit of humidity, and frequent, light feedings, with a low phosphate food.

20 Jun, 2016


It's a Maple leaf Begonia, or Begonia Cleopatra, and it's a houseplant. Baby bio will make a reasonable feed for it, and it obviously likes its situation, as its growing so well.

20 Jun, 2016


ty all,to tell the truth bamboo i just ignore my plants and they do ok,but this one has been repotted 3 times and ive only had it since oct,i love its name,do i split it as it has loads of growth

20 Jun, 2016


You don't have to split it, but you can if you want at repotting time.

20 Jun, 2016

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