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We bought a house last fall with several shrubs I cannot identify. This one is about 7-8 feet tall and at least that in diameter - it has grown a lot this summer. Last fall it had lost most of its leaves but then threw out a few blooms in Nov. In May it bloomed heavily, finished, and now has scattered blooms again. I'd like to prune it back a bit but don't want to do it at the wrong time. Its shape is very similar to a forsythia, with very long sweeping branches up and out.




hi Catsknit, my first thought was Deutzia, i have one in my garden the variety of mine is 'Strawberry Fields' the flowers look very much like yours but they are pale pink blushed bright pink, the leaves look very simular too, and by the sound of your discription everything fits apart from the flowering time. mine flowers in June. so i looked it up in my book, can't find any refference to any varieties that flower in November, or at any other time of year. my second thought is Weigela - i also have one of these but mine is a variegated variety but again it looks and sounds just like yours but flowers June. it is hard to see from the pick how big the flowers are Weigela flowers are slightly bigger than Deutzia, but Deutzia has bigger leaves, so depending on the size of leaves and flowers i am thinking that maybe it is either Deutzia or Weigela. as you said that it flowered heavily in May which would kind of fit. yours may have just flowered a bit early, and the Noveber flowers may just have been an added bonus! the advice for pruning is the same on both - cut back the shoot which have flowered immedately after flowering. you can also reshape at this time too. hope this helps.

10 Aug, 2008


It looks like my Weigelia which flowered in May here. I prune mine after it;s main flowering time.

10 Aug, 2008


My first reaction was a Weigela, too. They can have two flushes of flowers, mine do sometimes, but not a lot the second time..

10 Aug, 2008


Yes, a weigela. Prune immediately after its main flush of flowers in May/June. Any autumn flowers are a bonus

10 Aug, 2008


Thank you SO much! I've heard the name before so I guess it's a pretty common shrub but just not one I'd ever had contact with before. My MIL was just here a minute ago and I asked her opinion and she also thought of weigela, though she doesn't have any of her own.
So, now that it's been a couple months since its main bloom period, if I cut back heavily I'm probably going to drastically decrease next year's bloom, right? But it's so huge and really needs to be trimmed down.

10 Aug, 2008

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