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behind the fence jasminum


By Sarahc

derry, Ireland Ie

have just removed an old section of fencing in the garden and found a jasminum plant there it was growing between our old fence and the fence from next door, question iscan i move it now as the reason for removing the fence was to replace it and i dont want to leave it there all fenced in its to pretty



You should be able to move it now as long as you cut it back fairly hard. Leave some green on it and keep it shaded for a week or two after replanting.

10 Aug, 2008


You might try pegging one or two shoots down on the ground and see if you can get them to layer (form their own roots) as insurance against losing the parent plant before trying to move it

10 Aug, 2008


Dig it up! Fix your fence.
But be generous with how much root ball that comes with it. Cut off any flowers, (they'll die back anyway after moving). And I know it sounds daft right now, but do ensure that it does not dry out before October. Then do as Poaannua suggests and it will be fine next spring.

10 Aug, 2008


thanks everybody for your advice i think i will just dig it out and hope for the best after all it was growing between two fences so it should be relieved to be out of the shade and seeing some sunshine. thanks again

10 Aug, 2008

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