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By Dave36

Clackmannanshire, United Kingdom Gb

my beefeater tomatoes are still showing no sign of ripening, they are in gteenhouse and have some huge fruits and are healthy. how long before ripe:



Hi Dave and welcome to GoY. This is a particularly slow year for ripening toms! The bigger the tom. the longer it takes to ripen... I can understand your frustration but there is not a lot you can do. One possible solution is to pick the ripest ones and put in a paper bag with a ripe banana - I have not done this but those who have swear it speeds up ripening, let me know if it works :-) I suspect we are all going to be making green tomato chutney and/or ripening toms. indoors this year.

4 Aug, 2010


I've heard of that too, all mine are in the greenhouse and still growing and still very green. Not enough sun I'm afraid - I might be resorting to the banana bag treatment as I don't fancy too much of the green tomato chutney...

4 Aug, 2010


Green tomato chutney doesn't do it for me either...

5 Aug, 2010


Welcome to Goy Dave. I made green tomato chutney with mine last year so I'm persevering this year Moon grower... lol!

5 Aug, 2010


Thanks for your answers, I'll try the banana thing a later in season. meanwhile I will wipe off some of the "COOLGLASS" product which I applied earlier in year, am quite partial to the green tomato chutney so won't be too disappointed.Now I better start collecting preserving jars and reading up.

5 Aug, 2010


Do you mean you have had the glass of your greenhouse covered with something? If so how did you expect the toms. to ripen

5 Aug, 2010

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