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We planted a cotoneaster tree about three weeks ago in a big tub with new compost and feed it with blood fish and bone. It has been well watered but is showing many orange to brown leaves, What have we done wrong? no photo



You may have given it too much bone meal - bagged compost already has fertilizer in it and there would be no need to feed for a while.

1 Jun, 2016


Keep well watered - remember, a copious amount every 5 days is better than little and often. There should be drainage holes in the pot and nothing that stops or collects the water as it runs out the bottom. And the pot its in should be no larger than 3 times the size of the current rootball.

1 Jun, 2016


Not sure where you are but parts of the country are hot and sunny, others cold and windy, neither ideal for a young shrub possibly used to sheltered conditions....

1 Jun, 2016

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