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Lawnmowers question! Our Bosch Rotak 40 electric mower has now reached almost it's end. The 'lovely' plastic handle that you hold in while working has become brittle and snapped in half (still usable) and the handle to raise/lower the height has also snapped off. The mower is probably at least 8 years old. Now the question is - do I attempt to repair this one with possibly expensive spares, do I buy another quality mower (like Bosch, Qualcast etc.) or go for one of the cheap, cheap Chinese imports and chuck it when it breaks? I need an electric as I am no good at all that tugging to get a petrol mower going, even the 'easy-start' tools, strimmer, chain-saw and such like, live their lives in the shed as OH and I are both decrepit and can't start them!
What minimum size motor do I need to cut a variety of uneven lawns (weed filled grass really) adding up to an area of approx. 60 metres x 9 metres?
Also has anyone experience of the new Ergoflex handles on the new mowers, are they better or just a gimmick?
Any advice would be appreciated. £147 for a lawnmower to cut the grass once a week (or less!) seems a lot, but perhaps I'm out of date!



As the old saying goes, " A miser does things twice." I would recommend that you buy the same type of good quality mower that you had.

24 May, 2016


Yes, I thought that would probably be the way to go, but always nice to have a second opinion!

24 May, 2016


With a garden your size you definitely need one Honey, I would ignore the cheapo ones, when mine broke a couple of years ago I was amazed when the lawnmower man said " Oh we don't bother to mend them anymore because the parts and labour too expensive, we always tell customers to buy a new one". I went out and bought the newer updated model of the one I'd had before, hubby bought a petrol one last year when he was cutting the lawns for me, wouldn't listen when I advised getting the narrower lighter version, consequently it sits in the shed and I am back to using my electric one, don't care what he says I know mine does the better cut and I should know after all the years I've been mowing lawns, lol.....

24 May, 2016


You are of course right Lincslass, you just can't tell a man anything, with apologies to the men on GOY who are of course gardeners and therefore a different breed! Non-gardening OH types always think there is another way than the tried and trusted ones that work. Hence the demise of a young almond tree which got run over by OH with the ride-on lawn-mower in a tight space!
Went with grown-up Son to inspect some of the lawnmowers on display in B & Q, just to get a look at them, Like the new Bosch, but prefer the metal height/lower handle on their own make, but don't like the cloth collection bag on that one - just need the two mowers to combine certain bits and it would be fine.
Also as you say it's usually me who cuts the grass!

25 May, 2016


For many years I used an electric mower that mulches as it cuts. This was not only good for grass but come fall I ran over the fallen tree leaves with the mower and mulched them too. So, you might consider one that has a bag but also comes with an attachment that can convert it to one that mulches.

25 May, 2016


Having said that we chop the leaves with our ordinary petrol mower and use them as mulch in the garden or pule them up to rot.

Have just had a look on Amazon and there are several good makes on there at reduced prices if that's any help.
If you have a Screwfix locally you might get a better bargain than in a local shop when you've decided what you want..

25 May, 2016


My son actually bought me a mower from Lidl it was less than £50 that was five years ago it's still going strong my daughter does both our lawns and apart from bending the blade with a tree stump, she never looks where she's going, I got a replacement blade from amazon and a nice man at my local lawnmower shop replaced it free of charge, hopefully it will last a bit longer. You don't always have to spend a fortune,

15 May, 2017

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