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Hello everyone, I'm hoping for some help in identification of this flower which I've found amongst bluebells & other cultivated plants which have either seeded into the 'verge' or put there by residents! We're on holiday in Northumberland & we were visiting Alnmouth on the coast which is where I found the flower. The photo isn't too
good as its a photo of a photo! The flower is white with a 'green
flame like' shape on back of the petal. Its rather like a crocus in shape. The stalks are upright & so is
the flower. I think the height is approx 20cm. My photo isn't being accepted so I'm sending my question without. Please can anyone help, thanks.



We really do need to see a photo Pixielady. Can you try again?

18 May, 2016


As Arbuthnot has said we really need a photo to give you an i.d.

18 May, 2016


Your photo may have been refused through being to big. If you reduce the number of pixels it will probably be oK.

18 May, 2016


Might be a viridiflora tulip.

18 May, 2016


If you scanned your photo onto your computer you can reduce the number of pixels by cropping your photo down just enough to show the essentials.

18 May, 2016

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