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Clematis "Blue belle" I all

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Clematis "Blue belle" Hi all. I was clearing out an old planter thinking it was just rife with weeds and nettles. On removing them I came across what appears to have once been a well established clematis judging by the side of the trunk I guess. However It only as four sprigs? Of New growth with no signs of flower buds. I found part of the plant description in the pot which was the name of it. I've covered the base with stone after being taught feet in the shade head in the sun. Is there any more I can do to try and bring it back to its former glory? Thank you and I apologise for the ammount of questions in asking.



It is possible the container is no longer big enough to support the clematis, equally if it has been in that container for years along with a lot of rank weeds there may be no nourishment left in the soul. Do you have somewhere in the garden that you could plant?

18 May, 2016


I'm not sure if there is anywhere I can plant in the garden. Though I've only known clematis as climbers. However on inspection today it's either had a massive growth spurt or I've somehow missed it. I can get a bigger pot or make something suitable like a big planter box. How would you advise replenishing the nourishment in the soil? I will try and take a picture and upload it

18 May, 2016


Planting in a bigger pot seems the way forward. You should carefully remove some of the old compost when you take the plant out of the old pot. Try to do as little damage to the roots as you can. Best if you can tease out the roots as you go. They will probably be going round and round and they often do not spread into new compost from that type of growth. Then repot in a JI No 3 soil based compost and water in thoroughly.

18 May, 2016


You'll need a pot at least two feet deep by a minimum of 12 inches wide. If it is Blue Belle, its a viticella group one that needs pruning down to about 8/10 inches in midwinter, or by mid February every year, more info below

18 May, 2016

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