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Campsis, placement

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Have just received (birthday present for my husband from his sister) Campsis x tagliabuana and debating where best to place it. My first choice is for it to scramble over a leylandii north facing hedge, but soil could be dodgy. Is it happy in a tub? To scramble over a westerly wall it would have to sit in a tub. We are in mid-Derbyshire, (Amber Valley) clay-type soil. Would be grateful for advice please.

On plant Campsis x tagliabuana Madame Gallen



They like sun! you could try a tub - but make sure its very big (half barrel) and ensure it gets fed and watered regularly.

9 Aug, 2008


The leylandii would kill it. I have 3 different campsis. It will enjoy your clay soil. This plant needs to bake. Avoid the tub if it can go in the ground. Use frost fleece to shed cold/wet the first winter or two. View my huge web site and forums for more details.

10 Aug, 2008


I think the roots on this vine go very very deep. It would be better for it to go into the ground rather than a pot.

26 Nov, 2008

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