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magnolia tree


By Maria08

United Kingdom Gb

i hope you can help i have a magnolia tree which is full of leave s and has a budon please could you tell me if this is normal and if so what is the name of it



We really need a photo, Maria,to be able to help. There are quite a number of different Magnolias and although some look very similar there are others which are not as frequently found.

9 Aug, 2008


As far as the bud is concerned I think this can happen. One of mine got some big flower buds last August at the end of a difficult weather spell (drought). The buds doidn't open into nice flowers like they do in the Spring. This year we have not had such extreme weather and there ssre no signs of out of season buds at the moment. My trees are also young, like 2-3 years old. Did you have the normal spring flowering time? As Spritz says a photo would help.

9 Aug, 2008


Some spring-flowering magnolias do carry a few flowers in autumn as well (my M.soulangeana carried several last year).

9 Aug, 2008

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