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By Nerak

United Kingdom Gb

I am a complete novice. Just want advice on what flowers to plant in my garden. Shady, and otherwise. Low maintenance, and durable. Not bothered what. Just want to make my garden something apart from grass, a trampoline, and a garden shed!



Start a collection of hardy geraniums - they can flower in shade or sun, come in many colours and sizes and are very easy!

9 Aug, 2008


try a lavetia you don't need any skill and its beautiful and lasts all summer

9 Aug, 2008


Plant Centaurea montana as well as the geraniums - it seeds itself and keeps flowering from spring right through to the autumn on and off. It's blue, by the way, but you can also get a white version and even a pinky coloured one. It's easy to pull out if it spreads too much for you.

9 Aug, 2008


You mentioned Trampoline, that tells me children, how old? Mine are 10 and 12 and now where not to kick footballs etc. Geraniums survive the odd football and are ideal. Have a think of plants that would survive kids accidents etc.

9 Aug, 2008


I have yet to kill a helebore.

9 Aug, 2008

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