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Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi , should l pick my rhubarb that has come up too soon because of the weather , it is weak and about 12ins high , l am worried it will affect the energy needed to start the spring crop .



If you pick it now there will be no spring crop. Leave these plants be amongst the ones that have not come up yet if there are any.

30 Jan, 2016


Depends how much you have. I'm thinking of picking one serving from mine but I have enough for it not to matter if it weakens the crown. I noticed some in Tesco the other day but it looked pale and spindly, same as mine does!

30 Jan, 2016


Thank-you , l will leave it, there is at least 10 sticks , so maybe they will get stronger , it has given me loads of lovely rhubarb for at least nine years . so in the right place.

30 Jan, 2016


Yes if you only have 10 stems best to leave them.

31 Jan, 2016

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