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Rotten or maggoty apples - buckets of them


By Annwest

United Kingdom Gb

is it OK to put them in the composter, if not bury them, if not what?



We always put unusable apples on the compost heap. Never had any trouble. Usable ones we cut up, remove the frass (the insect attakced bit) cook and puree and use the stuff for cooking.

8 Aug, 2008


I do too - unless our Labrador gets hold of them first - he loves to play with them and then eats them...Ugh!

8 Aug, 2008


Many thanks to Owdboggy and Spritzhenry for answering my apple question. Yes I am also using fallers for apple sauce etc. the freezer is now well stocked until 2050 I should think!
Is there anything labradors won't eat?

10 Aug, 2008

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