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Getting rid of blight fly from Orange tree


By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I have an orange tree approx 3 feet high which i have grown from a pip many years ago, but it seems to be swarming with a small black fly of some kind can anyone suggest a spray that i could buy to eradicate this problem I would be very grateful

On plant Citrus sinensis



I would just wash it off with clean water and a little washing up liquid before resorting to any chemical sprays.Make sure at this time of the year that the water is just tepid.

13 Dec, 2007


I agree with Wyeboy - the first line of defence is as he advises. If, though, this doesn't do the trick, try Provado Bug Killer. I think it might be advisable to spray your plant thoroughly out-of-doors. to avoid breathing the spray in! Hope the washingup liquid works, though. Good luck. Tell us what happens, won't you.

16 Dec, 2007

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