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Saving Dahlia seed

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hiya - I'm just doing a bit of research on how to save seeds and have come across an interesting website that said you can save seed from dahlias - I have a few bulb dahlias growing in my garden, does anyone know if I can save the seeds from these heads? If so, will they turn out the same as the plant I have collected from or will they be like the little plants you get in a garden centre? Sorry if this question is a bit simple, but if you dont ask, you'll never know right!?!



Only seed from the species of a plant will come true and even then, provided it has not got crossed with another in the same family. Named varieties will not come true from seed; to increase them you would need to take cuttings. However, collecting and sowing the seed could prove interesting because dahlias are more than ready to produce new varieties (although whether the results would be any good is another matter)

8 Aug, 2008

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