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what should I do to feed my trees over winter



Do you mean trees planted in the ground or pots? They go dormant over winter and don't need feeding until Spring. Just prevent them from drying out if they don't get enough rain.

5 Nov, 2015


i agree they wont need feeding over winter.

5 Nov, 2015


Agree wouldn't consider feeding a tree in winter.

5 Nov, 2015


I wouldn't feed a tree at all, at any time of year, if its planted in the ground in good soil - not unless it was a fruit tree.

5 Nov, 2015


How would you feed a mature fruit tree or for that matter any tree thats been in the garden for a number of years?
Always puzzled me.

8 Nov, 2015


There's a cooking apple tree next door to me that's 25 ft tall and over 50 years old. No one for the last 35 years has done anything to it at all but it still has loads of large red apples on it every year..
I picked a few the other day, put them in a large box with a sign on it "help yourselves" and put it at my front gate. There's a lot of foot traffic passing but at the end of the day the apples were still all there.

9 Nov, 2015


I could think of a lot of reasons why nobody would take an apple - especially being so close to Halloween. However, if YOU picked an apple and handed it to me, I might eat it.

9 Nov, 2015

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