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Hi all.
Just finished decorating the downstairs toilet. It has no windows hence no daylight. Looking for a green hanging fern type plant to put on the shelf. Any recommendations please? Thanks for your time



I'm sorry to say that if there's no natural light into the room, then its not possible to grow a real plant in there - there are some good fake plants around, so might be worth checking those out.

31 Oct, 2015


with out light any real plant will die. therefore no real suggestion other than a silk/fake variety. though they collect dust and need regularly replacing/cleaning.

31 Oct, 2015


I agree with above. I'd use it for storing bath towels and/or toiletries.

31 Oct, 2015


Yes, I had the same in my last house. I used fake floral arrangements. A good way to clean them is to pop them in a plastic bag with a bit of salt and give it a good shake. The salt removes the dust. It works quite well.

31 Oct, 2015


Thank you all

31 Oct, 2015


Or keep a live " special occasion" plant(s) in your house meant to be placed in your bathroom when you invite guests and or friends to visit your home to temporarily jazz up your bathroom. Then when they are gone, just return it to its sunny place in your home. African violets were my wife's favorite for our guest bathroom and she used other plants for decor in rooms opened only when guests stayed over on such occasions. Otherwise, just for yourself, a silk plant or some knickknack would do for the shelf until the occasion arises.

1 Nov, 2015

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