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I live in Ontario , Canada , in the south part of the province. I have 2 potted solanum crispin ( blue) trees about 3 feet high. I want to overwinter them. Can they be taken indoors? Should they be pruned? Are they a danger to cats, should leaves or flowers fall onto the floor? If planted outside in the ground, are they hardy enough for a Canadian winter? Thanks




Indoors may be possible, with ample light, and good air circulation. Occasional light pruning to side branches--don't make them bald--may be necessary to keep them indoor size. Your veterinarian may know best if there is a toxic hazard to your kitty, but I would consider it likely, from what I have read. Not hardy below -4º C.

28 Oct, 2015


It survives outside in the ground in the UK, at much lower temperatures and winter wet. In a pot, perhaps safer to protect with something wrapped around the pots to prevent frozen roots.

28 Oct, 2015


Hmm, well I find it survives IF it gets through the first 5 or so winters here in the UK, in other words, once its well rooted and has developed a bit of a trunk. A younger plant, in a hard winter, will be killed, so I imagine, in Ontario, its unlikely to survive a winter.

28 Oct, 2015


Also, the warmest parts of Ontario are still 11º C colder than the coldest parts of the UK.

31 Oct, 2015


Yes indeed, Tug, thank the Lord for the Gulf stream, even if it is reducing year on year...

31 Oct, 2015

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