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By Swatts

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When does one buy outdoor cyclamen plants thank you.



Please reply time for buying outdoor cyclamen

27 Oct, 2015


C. hederifolium on sale, in flower, now. C. coum, in flower on sale in January.
C, persicum, bedding out types, not hardy, on sale from September onwards.

27 Oct, 2015


Swatts welcome to GoY, we are a group of, mostly, amateur gardeners, as such it can take a while to reply to a question. If you want a instant answer then use Google.

27 Oct, 2015


We do our best but I'm cooking the dinner at the same time.....?

even though our weather in the midlands isn't harsh the clay soil means mine do really well in the greenhouse .......

I was suprised recently to find thst cyclamen flowers will last well as cut flowers in the house......

27 Oct, 2015


Really Pamg? I've never found that to be so...

27 Oct, 2015

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