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ID please

Can anyone confirm the ID of this plant for me please. I picked it up at GC today. It looks like possibly a 'Desert' or 'Apricot' Mallow - sphaeralcea ambigua. Would appreciate any info as none came with it and no idea how hardy it is. Many thanks, Karen

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Hi Karen yes it looks like my sphaeralcea Incana , not supposed to be hardy but I have one plant in very well drained soil which I've had many years the rest dwindled away,easy from seed though.

26 Oct, 2015


Thanks Kathy. i shall put it in the greenhouse if it gets too cold, as its only said to be hardy to -5. But we rarely get that here. :)

26 Oct, 2015


I originally grew another too from seed called Los Brisas which were a mixture of pinks and white,they didn't come back at all the following year but very pretty got to over 5ft, must check my seed box as I'd like to grow that one again :-)

26 Oct, 2015


Oh Karen mine usually dies back in winter but resprouts from the base in spring then I just cut it right back.

26 Oct, 2015


Thats useful info. Thanks! :))

26 Oct, 2015

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