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By Dapwest

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have q a few geraniums in pots.

Any advise how I can store them over winter.

I don't have a green house + they are a bit to big to put on my window sills.

I have a garden shed but nor sure they will survive the winter in there.

Any advise would be welcome


On plant geraniums



You can cut them back quite drastically so they would fit on a spare bedroom windowsill.Or they can go in a garage or shed if there's a window. They need to be kept pretty dry. Some people have succeeded by taking them form the pots and wrapping them in newspaper before storing in a cool dry place. Another year you can take cuttings around August so you can overwinter those and dispose of the bigger plants.

26 Oct, 2015


Thanks I try to fit on window sill + put some in the shed

By what you said I should not water them at all during the winter ?

26 Oct, 2015


Its difficult to be dogmatic. If you leave them in the pots you can keep an eye on them -it depends on the temperature and the light. Its the combination of cold and damp that kills them rather than just cold. If they are by a window you can water them a little as long as the temp doesn't drop too much, but what you must avoid is them being in damp compost when it gets very cold. Its surprising how long they will survive dry.

If they are in the house you can keep them growing slowly, watering as needed but always erring on the dry side.

26 Oct, 2015

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