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Are the berries of sambucus nigra edible ?



Yes but cook them first. visit this website for interesting information.

25 Oct, 2015


Try a few added to an apple pie, they turn the fruit a gorgeous shade of pink.

25 Oct, 2015


The seeds are quite big so you may like to sieve them after cooking. I have eaten them raw many a time but only few at once. Elderberry wine is a good thing to do with them.

25 Oct, 2015


Juice and flesh is edible.

The raw seeds are poisonous (cyanide producing glycosides) but are rendered harmless by prolonged cooking.

26 Oct, 2015


Lucky I'm stillhere then!

26 Oct, 2015


Don't worry, just like apple pips you have to eat quite lot to be ill!

27 Oct, 2015



27 Oct, 2015


Thanks for that info.

21 Jul, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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