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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have lots of mushrooms coming nyt they are in my lawn, what causes them? There are no stumps or anything nearby but there are absolutely loads. I have an acre of garden it is regularly cut with a ride on, it is dry in summer, mostly in full sun although in winter bottom corner gets quite wet but the mushrooms dont grow there



If you mow your lawn this is the result of the natural breakdown of your grass clippings. It is a harmless process and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your lawn.

25 Oct, 2015


I get them harm done. It can be dead roots from trees that can spread out quite a distance that do it.

25 Oct, 2015


Not all mushrooms grow on the same substrate. Some grow on decaying wood, some on animal droppings, or grass roots , pine needles etc. so its hard to say what they are growing on. They don't matter at all and will soon disappear, though they may return next autumn.

25 Oct, 2015


Thankyou all for your advice obviously no need to worry

26 Oct, 2015

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