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Please could someone ID this plant, seen at a National Trust Garden yesterday? I've added photos of the flower, the leaf and the whole shrub, which must have been about 6' tall. Thanks.

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Hi, Spritzhenry
So great to visit GOY again! :)
I saw this plant during my holiday trip to the Crimea. It's a weed here, but rather pretty and many people have it in their gardens as a decorative plant. It's Althea cannabina.

28 Jul, 2010


It looks like a member of the hollyhock group.
it is very pretty what ever it is.

28 Jul, 2010


Well id'd Uma. Parents have this in their back garden and I always forget its name!

28 Jul, 2010


Thanks, Uma - spot on! Fancy it being a weed - one I wouldn't pull up!

Thank you too, Sbg. It is a member of the same family. Lovely, isn't it. :-)))

Haha, Fractal - pipped to the post this time. ;-)

28 Jul, 2010



28 Jul, 2010

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