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Hybrid pollarded willows growing suckers. I've planted some willows last year and in their first growing season reduced size to desired height I want the stump last winter. These trees are for firewood pollard 4 year rotation. I do not want to coppice them which would mean cutting them to ground every four years. So i'd like to know. Should I let these suckers that are growing next to stump grow until it is time to cut to desired height in four years? Will they become part of the stump or will I be left with several stumps growing next to each other? I read that cutting the suckers down will just make more of them. So how do u create one pollard stump, if you already have suckers growing next to it? Replacing the willows with a longer cane is not an option. Thanks for advice




Have you looked at the website GYO .....grow your own firewood, this explains 5 year cycle of coppicing and pollarding

4 Oct, 2015


I've looked at many sites. Could not find answers to what im looking for. Did everything by the book. Yet probably forced to coppice now instead of pollard.

4 Oct, 2015


Don't you need an established trunk before you start pollarding? I've coppice willows that were taller than me and still nowhere thick enough for firewood. Strange.

4 Oct, 2015

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