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My Leeks ? No 3 Photo is of as insect that was on my Leeks the other photos are of my Leeks any one no what the problem is thy were OK and in a few weeks this ?
PS are thy OK to still eat thy are firm Thanks

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I'm not sure about the insect but the leeks look very dry. Have they had enough water?

3 Oct, 2015


The poor old leeks not only look dry, but they look as if they've been competing for food with what look like weeds. Are they weeds...? When growing veg, you have to keep on top of the weeding, as well as the watering and feeding.

Can't help with the insect.

3 Oct, 2015


Agree, lack of water, not helped by the competition from weeds. Insect could be parasitic wasp?

3 Oct, 2015


This insect appears to belong to the Hemiptera suborder Heteroptera by what I see of the wing configuration. It should have piercing sucking mouth parts folded under its head and whether they're for use on plant or animal I won't venture a guess since this resides in the UK.

3 Oct, 2015


In any case what you can salvage should be OK for eating.

3 Oct, 2015


Nope, Snoop, thats not it.

3 Oct, 2015


Does look like it Snoop - pity its wings weren't open for the photo, that would have clinched it.

4 Oct, 2015


Still not a leek moth. The insect in the photo has its wings folded flat and overlapping on its back( there is one deformed one from handling) whereas the leek moth wings would be non overlapping folded in an inverted V or tent like. Also there are no scales on the wings as there would be on such a moth. The other thing is that the antennae on the leek moth is quite different from the antennae of the one in the photo. Even the legs are different in their arrangement.

4 Oct, 2015


Ah well, can't win em all. Shame about the leeks though.

5 Oct, 2015


Judging by the damage, leek moths are the likeliest candidate. The insect that you caught may have been a beneficial feeding on the larvae.

6 Oct, 2015

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