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help snails and slugs are eating up my hostas in kentucky. I have tried beer traps, coffee grounds, egg shells had to cut hostas back to ground and discovered so many tiny snails when I did. any suggestions would be a blessing



Nematode solutions for slugs and snails, if the temperatures are right currently, not sure if you can get those where you are. Otherwise, slug pellets, see link below for things available in the States

14 Sep, 2015


It seems some gardeners have had success deterring slugs using copper tape and it's eco-friendly. I haven't tried this method yet but will be doing so shortly. More people are positive about its effectiveness than others who don't rate it, so I guess it's important how you apply it as well as the quality.

14 Sep, 2015


There was a suggestion on here some time a go that planting garlic among hostas deters the slimy ones - worth a try.

14 Sep, 2015


I put copper tape round two hostage this year. One hasn't been touched by munchers and the other has as the creatures have climbed up overhanging plants, I would say it works.

14 Sep, 2015


I usually use a commercially available, yeast-flavored iron phosphate bait.

14 Sep, 2015

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