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I have a very tall laylandii hedge which before I purchased the land had overgrown onto a public pavement. A year ago I cut back the hedge to make a half tunnel over the pavement. I would like to keep the hedge. I have noticed that there has been a little regrowth of the lower branches, but most ares that were cut back have not regrown. Is there a hormone that can be applied to encourage regrowth?



Unfortunately conifers like this don't regrow if cut back hard. I've never heard of anything that would stimulate growth in this way. Surely you don't want regrowth if it blocks the path?

14 Sep, 2015


Thanks landgirl100, I only want sufficient regrowth to green the hedge up again, I would keep it well trimmed to the edge of the pavement.

14 Sep, 2015


As Landgirl says it is not possible to get regrowth once it has been cut back beyond the green part.

14 Sep, 2015


Sadly true. The little regrowth that you get may eventually fill in, but that could take decades.

14 Sep, 2015

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